Sunday, March 2

I've started another blog which I'm hoping will become a little "tent-making" commercial venture. is aimmed at the niche of people with citrus obsession -- those who are passionate about the fruit -- growing it, cooking with it, eating it, or using the citrus related products.

crazy4citrus.comFor example, I recently linked up to a story about some Minnesotians who grow oranges and lemons -- in Minnesota. I'm linking to new citrus related products and recipes. It's all fun stuff and since I'm a bit citrus obsessed myself it's a perfect outlet for some of my entreprenurial energy.

The success of this project will depend on my ability to train the search engines to list the site high enough. This generates more traffic -- the more traffic, the more people who click on the little citrus related advertising links on the side. That's what generates the commissions. (No, don't go to the site to click on the links to simply generate income for me -- that's not fair to the advertiser. We want them to be showing their stuff to people who are genuinely curious about their products.)

The way to raise the standing of the site in the search engine game is to have as many websites as possible link to it and associate it with key words/phrases such as citrus, citrus homegrower, citrus products, citrus fruit.

If you've got a website you can help. Just mention and include a sentence explaining that I've created a new website "for people interested in citrus recipes and products, as well as those who are growing citrus fruit at home." The search engine spiders will do the rest.

It's a little contrived and silly but that's how the exposure game is played. If you can help -- great -- thank you. If not -- I love you anyway. And if you're at all interested in citrus -- who knows, you might find something interesteing at

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