Tuesday, March 4


Happy National Grammar Day! Just between you and I, we've ignored this holiday way too much. :-) -- Link

A PhD student has done the math. Switching to daylight savings time may be actually increasing rather than decreasing energy usage. -- Link

A little extra gratuitous information -- Guam is one of the few places in the US (well, at least sorta' in the US) which doesn't switch to daylight savings. We pretty much have 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness year round because we're just 13° north of the equator. We figured out that there was nothing gained by playing with the clock.

Dave and Wendy Mark have been good friends since our days at Fuller Seminary. They are based in Miami but as regional coordinators of Covenant Missions in Latin America they travel extensively. Dave now has a blog which will become a regular read for me. Also, he has started posting some of his writing, including what I consider to be the absolutely best orientation guide for short-term mission trips -- "On Someone Else's Terms." (.pdf)

Since I'm going down memory lane today -- Denise Bredow drove by our old house, 401 Nita Lane, in Euless, Texas, and snapped a picture for us. My, oh my, those little oak sticks I planted are getting big.

PTL Lauralea Friesen does not have cancer. But I'm guessing that waiting for the test results took years off both her and Randall's lives. -- Link

Beyond "Unchurched" -- George Barna has some new church attendance categories and labels -- Link

Yesterday I mentioned my new for-profit blogging venture crazy4citrus.com. I'm please to announce that the site has already earned 9¢.

Now that I'm a professional blogger I'm going to have to hire a secretary, set-up an expense account, invest in a few new computers, get a company car -- and if there is enough left over, hire an accountant.

Good news -- two of the PIBC short-terms are working on becoming longer-termers -- Link


Nathan said...

My grammar is horrible. It's too bad I'm too lazy to make it better or remember the things I learned in grad school.


theultrarev said...

I did my part to support the cause and visited all your ads on the citrus site. Hope tomorrow is a profitable day.