Saturday, March 8


The Pope has done a re-evaluation of Martin Luther and will soon argue that the excommunicated monk wasn't actually a heretic. Does this mean that he's preparing the ground for married priests in the Roman Catholic Church? -- Link

Western tradition Easter is on March 23rd this year -- about as early as it is ever celebrated. The last time Easter came this early was 1913 and it will not again be this early until 2035. -- Link

Derek Keefe on the CT LiveBlog asks -- "Can the emerging movement move beyond 'complexification' to clarity?"

The answer is, of course it can -- if it wants to. But there are some emerging-types, certainly not all, who are having way too much fun acting esoteric and playing the role of an in-your-face spoiler.

Eccentric John Milkovisch would have loved -- NY Times

Solar-power-plant company Ausra has released a paper claiming that solar-thermal electric technology can provide 90 percent of US grid electricity, with enough left over to power a fleet of plug-in electric vehicles. The company estimates that such a changeover would eliminate 40% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions with a land footprint of 9,600 square miles, about the size of Vermont... -- Link

I thought YOU set the parking brake. Yesterday a B-1 bomber rolled into two emergency vehicles on the runway at Andersen Air Force Base, here on Guam. Apparently the plane had completed an emergency landing of some sort -- the crew evacuated -- and after everyone was safe the plane started to move. Oops. -- Link

They've been having some bad luck with the bombers up there on the base. Two weeks ago a $2 billion Stealth B-2 bomber crashed and burned during take off.

UPDATE on the B-1 incident -- Link

More and more office workers are bypassing the IT department. -- Link

Americans are using less petrol -- Link

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