Saturday, March 15


Apparently the news story about the Pope warming up to Martin Luther is based on an unsubstantiated rumor -- which has now been denied by the Vatican. The story originated with the usually reliable Times of London. Stand by. I'm guessing that there is more to this story coming. -- Link

In spite of the hype, very little of our online time (7%) is actually spent on the social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, MySpace...). Most of our online time is spent on content and communication sites, according to the Online Publishers Association's Internet Activity Index. -- Link

J.I. Packer talks about the surprises in his life. -- Link

Chinese house churches have adopted a KJV-only position -- Link ;-)

It's hard to believe because generally speaking we get so much rain out here in the tropics, but there are times when drought affects the islands. The Rotarians from Guam are providing 60 solar water stills to outer islands in Chuuk where there is no fresh water other than what comes from the sky. The stills use saltwater and a simple evaporation process that can produce up to three gallons of water daily. -- Link

How to get rich slowly -- net worth $-40,000 to $285,000 in five years -- Link (via)

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