Friday, March 21


They're finding some interesting new giant size marine critters in the Antarctic waters. It just makes you wonder how many types of life are out there that are yet to be discovered. Have we really only scratched the surface -- so to speak? ~ Link

The Emergent Village has the results of their atonement metaphor contest. Contestants were challenged to develop new metaphors to explain the work of Christ. It all grows out of a reaction to some of the more extreme forms of penal substitutionary atonement -- the metaphor which has been equated by some American evangelicals with orthodoxy.

Warner Sallman artwork on display in Naples, Florida -- nice little background piece. ~ Link

Yes, I shut off the automatic updates on my home computer -- still waiting to see what happens with the SP1 for Vista before downloading.

Now playing over on my citrus blog -- recipe for citrus stuffed chicken, lots of advice for home growers, new attachement turns your KitchenAid into a juicer... ~

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Anonymous said...

I installed SP1 on Saturday. So far, no problems. I'm sure you'll want more than that before you pull the trigger, though.