Wednesday, April 23



More bougainvilleas from the patio --

PIBC has received permission to begin offering an MA seminary degree ~ Link

Marisol, whom we all love, will be sworn in as a US citizen next week ~ Link

You think you're paying a lot? Gas in Sweden is now $8.40/gallon. ~ Link

Will $1/gallon fuel become a reality or just another unfulfilled tech promise? Like, the fuel companies are going to allow this stuff to the market... Am I sounding jaded? ~ Link

Martin Marty's top 5 books on world Christianity ~ Link

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Rick said...

Pretty good news Brad. First the purchase of USC, now the Master's!

One of my buddies at CTK has begun reading your blog, having found it through mine. Now if I can just get him over to Crazy4Citrus, we can up your income to 52c a week.