Wednesday, April 30


The FLDS folk from the YFZ Ranch in Eldorado, Texas have set up a website to tell their side of the story. Frankly, though, they're not really addressing the charges against them. They sound like every other parent whose children have been removed by CPS -- "Look at how I'm being victimized by the state. Our children are now worse off than before."

Animal Control has trapped a skunk near the Hagåtña sewage plant. Where did he come from? Certainly not Guam. ~ Link

Marisol became a US citizen this morning. It's not an easy process. And anyone who completes it should also be awarded a PhD in American Studies, an acre of land, and a lifetime pass to Disneyland. Congratulations! ~ Link

Are you me-centric or you-centric? ~ Link

PNG, our Melanesian neighbor to the south, is missing $363 million (US) of government money that has quietly slipped out of the coffer over the past seven years. I'm guessing that the auditor went missing -- or on a protracted betel-nut break -- about six years ago. ~ Link

Another straw house info collection ~ Link

I think we are most certainly in a recession. The ad revenue from my commercial blogging endeavor,, fell last month to a total of $1.75. In March I had grossed $14.53. (Somehow on March 4th I ended up with some pretty pricey click throughs that netted $12.15.) I can't explain it -- I don't know if it's the economy or just how this goofy interweb thingy works. :-)

Oh, my -- Marty Nemko:
...Among high-school students who graduated in the bottom 40% of their classes, and whose first institutions were four-year colleges, two-thirds had not earned diplomas eight and a half years later...

Even worse, most of those college dropouts leave the campus having learned little of value, and with a mountain of debt and devastated self-esteem from their unsuccessful struggles. Perhaps worst of all, even those who do manage to graduate too rarely end up in careers that require a college education...

Also, the past advantage of college graduates in the job market is eroding...

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