Monday, May 5


Mind-boggling -- 4,000 killed by cyclone (typhoon, hurricane) in Myanmar/Burma. The poor are the most vulnerable to this kind of crisis. It will be interesting to see just how the post-storm chaos affects the referendum on their draft constitution. ~ Link
Cinco de Mayo
¡Viva Benito Juárez!

Welcome to the ever-evolving American experiment -- Hispanics now account for more than 15% of the US population -- 30% in Arizona. But the growth is a national phenomena -- and it's homegrown growth -- less immigration more births. ~ Link

This evening I finished grading the workbooks for my Basic Bible Study Methods class. This afternoon we had our last class session and the students presented their final projects -- skits, songs, PowerPoint presentations -- all very creative! Good job guys! I was impressed. Now, I still have to grade some of the online forum entries and then enter everything in the grading program. Hopefully I'll get it all done before I go to Palau tomorrow evening for a few days.

Happiness Lodge continues his Micro-mission musings. Good thinking from a guy who will be a PIBC graduate in a few days. ~ Link

Backscatter spam is increasing -- emails that bounce back to you from spam filters -- except you never sent them in the first place. But they get your attention -- which is what the spammers are trying to do. ~ Link

Wal-Mart's competition around the world ~ Link

Are you ready for Tiny TV? I'm not sure that I am. Perhaps if I could choose the content -- still... I'd rather spend the evening digging up random factoids online. ~ Link

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