Sunday, May 18


I'm playing a little information harvest catch-up:

Willow CreekWillow Creek Community Church pioneered the "seeker-sensitive" approach to church growth. They're morphing -- now gearing their weekend services more toward mature believers seeking to grow in their faith. I've always appreciated Willow's willingness to experiment and learn. And we can be sure that even though seekers will no longer be the primary focus of their services they will not be forgotten -- no way. ~ Link

Cornerstone Covenant Church in Turlock has a new and improved website. Wow, way to go Justin! ~ Link

Not that I think the whole tax rebate thing makes sense -- but GovGuam's Rev & Tax people want us to know that the rebate checks will be in the mail -- eventually... ~ Link

Another ugly chapter comes to light -- in 1950 thousands of Korean "political prisoners," including women and children were executed by US-backed South Korean police and soldiers on the off-chance that these peasants might help the northern invaders. Sigh. Lord have mercy. ~ Link

I have a post on our ministry blog about radio reception in the middle of nowhere ~ Link

Gen Xers get nostalgic for the good ole days ~ Link

Quotable: "Evangelicalism is essentially 'gospel ecumenism' instead of 'theological conformity.'" ~ Scot McKnight

Also McKnightish -- Scot has started a series of posts on the wrath of God. ~ Link

I had trouble getting my Google Reader to come up this evening -- either due to the fact that it is overloaded by my four day absence or because they're having server problems (I suspect the later). I tried a little voodoo that worked. I opened the page as a secure site. That is, I put an s after the http in the address -- thus

Quotable: "A missionary’s or parent’s legacy should not be how much they provided for their children or ministry, but rather how much they instilled in them to go forward on their own." ~ R G Lewis (Read the whole wisdom-packed post!)

I think we're back to the rainy season here in the Western Pacific. We had lots of rain in Palau when I was there a week ago. Then it dumped in Chuuk over the weekend. Now the heavenly fire hose is blasting us on Guam. Rain in the tropics is good.

Bob Smietana is interviewed by his hometown newspaper ~ Link

One Laptop Per Child charity computers are now going to be available with Windows! This option is a major blow to the Linux community and a victory for Microsoft which wants to maintain visibility in the developing world -- an investment in future customers. Competition is good -- even competition to Linux. ~ Link

Asian Enterprise Magazine has named Wal-Mart as one of the best employment options for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Hey, maybe they'll bring a Wal-Mart to Guam -- we have a lot of great Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who would love to work for them. ~ Link

"Guam's mean hourly wage is one of the lowest in US markets" ~ Link

Yahoo Mail is once again an option for people who want to use email in a professional manor. They've dropped the tagline advertising! ~ Link

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Justin said...

"I had trouble getting my Google Reader to come up this evening..."

I suspect it might be them too... they've been changing the way their services load recently. Gmail has recently acquired a loading bar and an option to view your inbox as static html generated on-the-fly if it gets "stuck."

"Laptop Per Child charity computers are now going to be available with Windows!"

You know, there always going to be the nerd struggle between Linux (and their many flavors), Mac, and Windows, but the fact of the matter is, there's so much more compatibility and free software available for the Windows platform. If someone is getting one of these budget laptops only to find out nothing else works with it or on it, where's the big plan going to go?