Sunday, July 6


Regular on Guam is now $4.92 ~ Link

The debate continues -- should we be sending short-term or long-term missionaries? I guess it all depends on what we want to accomplish. If we want our people to get a broader and fuller perspective on what it means to be a part of what Christ is doing in the world short-term is worth every penny. But if we're trying to give our people a sense that they're doing all it takes to live out the great commission we're mistaken.

I don't have anything definitive to say regarding the over-all contribution of short-termers -- but I know that in our situation the short-termers from both Europe and North America have made a valuable contribution to the work of PIBC. Perhaps it's all about context. ~ Link

MyYahoo! the updated Yahoo start page wants to give iGoogle a run for the money -- lots of slick spiffy features. Yahoo could use a fresh infusion of emotional energy about now. Perhaps this will help. ~ Link

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