Monday, July 28


Our car started this morning -- but I still took it in for a check-up. They say that it's fine. So far they've been right.

Dave and Joyce (actually Joyce) have painted their house with me in mind. I'm honored. ~ Link

Unfortunately, when Joyce was painting in the bathroom the ladder gave way and she took a tumble. She is now experiencing numbness on one side of her body. We don't know if it is related to the fall. She's currently at the hospital waiting for a CAT scan. Keep her in your prayers.

The Saudis are building a post-petroleum economy in the desert starting with Knowledge Economic City -- a hub of scientific research and development -- "with cutting-edge universities, hospitals, and housing for more than 130,000 people attracted by the idea of living in the city where Islam's prophet Muhammad is buried." ~ Link high heels

"...doctors are warning women to wear high heels in moderation..." ~ Link

I've set-up a PIBC Facebrook group ~ Link

"Airport disaster workshop starts tomorrow..." -- I think they started setting up for the disaster today and they started in the Men's Room! We were at the Guam airport this evening to pick-up some friends -- and I noticed that the men's restroom (the first one available after visitors clear customs) was a catastrophe -- non-functioning toilets, no water, plenty of graffiti, trash all over... First impressions count -- and I'm sure the Guam Visitor's Bureau is going to be pressuring the airport admin to raise the terrorist threat level in the rest rooms to RED.

I do love this island -- in spite of the quirkiness and amusing idiosyncrasies. There is something to roll your eyes at around every corner and through every door.

A small step in the right direction -- "Continental Airlines announced its BusinessFirst passengers will have the comfort of lie-flat seats, initially on Boeing 777 aircraft primarily on its trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific routes starting in the fall next year." ~ Link

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