Thursday, August 28

iGoogle screen shots

Justin asked about screen shots. The first one is the left column in a closed position. It is essentially the tabs from the top moved to the side.

The second picture shows a tab in an expanded position. The idea is that you click on the link and the gadget opens up as a whole page. It's a bit redundant to what is already on the iGoogle page. It doesn't really add any value.

I like functioning with 3 columns but the extra column on the side takes up real estate -- making 4 columns. I could switch to a two column mode but that makes for a long page down.

The other issue with the experimental system is that it alters each gadget on the page in the normal mode. You used to be able to do a mouse-over the headlines to read a summary. But now all of the summaries show up in the gadget itself -- adding to the textual clutter. It's no longer Google-clean.

I'm sure that many people will like using the left column feature. I'm just not one of them and would like the option of turning it off -- and returning things to the way I had them -- the way that fits with how my brain functions.


Justin said...

That doesn't seem like a very good idea. I hope if it does find its way to iGoogle, it'll be a option to remove it; it takes up valuable space! So you didn't opt-in to any weird "labs"? I've opted-in to a couple of Gmail ones, maybe there's some for iGoogle (though, I know they make lab rats of random groups of users). You should think about leaving some feedback on this new "feature." :-)

Brad Boydston said...

The only labs I'm involved in have to do with a few features inside gmail -- and they've become pretty standard. I think I'm just a random lab rat on this one. I've left them feedback -- as have hundreds of others on their google groups forum for this issue. I've only read positive feedback from one user. Not a peep from Google. No explanation.

I have now switched to a two column format to attempt to redeem the real estate -- the left column may just be a lost cause for awhile.

I have played with using more but I still like the way that all of the Google products are integrated. If I'm going to keep using their products I may have to put up with some of their nonsense.

It doesn't make me happy -- but I suppose lab rats rarely are.