Monday, August 11


Yes, my gmail was down for awhile this morning, too. And then the electricity went down after a wind storm -- also this morning. The world didn't end. ~ link

In the 80's we encouraged everyone in our church to buy the New Testament on cassette, utilizing the very inexpensive tapes provided by Hosanna Ministries. We even suggested that people might buy Bible tapes to give away as presents. Hosanna is still there quietly doing their thing -- having replaced the cassettes with digital downloads. They now make the Bible available in 311 languages. There are several free New Testament downloads available. ~ link

The US government has suspended some funding under the Compact of Free Association for Chuuk state because of financial mismanagement. ~ link

A British blogger is trying to go for a month without acquiring new plastic. ~ link

"Living simply provides economic shelter" ~ USA Today link

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