Wednesday, August 13


A Texas professor has moved his whole class onto Tweeter. ~ link

Andy Crouch has redesigned his site and is now, with his articulate sidekick Nate Barksdale, blogging everyday -- nice design makes me reluctant to turn his feed over to the Google Reader -- but I will. ~ link

Clarence Winstedt died Monday. He became ill shortly after we saw him near the beginning of our Stateside trip. Clarence was a wise pastor and an outstanding conference superintendent. He became a part of our congregation when he and Ruth moved to Covenant Village in Turlock. And he provided an unending stream of encouragement. I want to be like him. ~ link

Ray Bakke's new book A Theology as Big as the City is reviewed by JR Woodward. "Bakke contends that if we are going to be faithful to the God of Scripture we must recognize the urbanization of the world and read the Bible with urban eyes so that we might discover a theology that meets the holistic needs of the city..." ~ link

GTA TeleGuam is getting into the digital television business -- and why not, the cable company is now in the telecom business. Competition is one of the best things that has started to happen on this island. ~ link

"Bigfoot" hunters claim to have a sasquatch body found in Georgia. They're getting ready to release DNA evidence. I think this is the real thing. If they were concocting the story Georgia would have been the last place they would have discovered the gorilla-like critter. Who knows -- maybe there is a North American gorilla. ~ link

Blessings on whoever it was who brought all of those local avocados to LCG last Sunday. The avocado we had in our salad this evening was mighty tasty -- just like back in California.

Cool! Easy way to resize your Vista desktop icons ~ link


R. Mansfield said...

I can't wait for the Bigfoot press conference on Friday! But Georgia? Washington state maybe, but Georgia?

And have they checked to see if any of the area zoos are simply missing a gorilla?


Brad Boydston said...

The rules of textual criticism apply -- the harder rendering is most likely the better rendering. If they were concocting the story they would have set it up in Washington State or British Columbia -- certainly not Georgia (unless perhaps they're in cahoots with some tourist interests in north Georgia).

Of course, then there is the issue of the story teller's reputation...

Why do I think that Friday's press conference will leave us with more questions than answers?