Saturday, August 9


Glenn KaiserInterview with Rez Band's Glenn Kaiser in Michigan newspaper. Glenn by the grace of God is still a rock 'n roll energizer bunny! ~ Link

All the regular gas on Guam is now down to $4.549/gallon.

Notable: Ben Witherington has a great post -- "Paul on Money, Ministry, and Work" -- a chapter from a forthcoming book -- deals with the issues of social patronage -- lots of really fine exegetical detail and summation.

In a nutshell he concludes, "Paul is not an advocate of what modern persons call tent-making ministry, if by that one means that church planters or missionaries should expect to have to work on the side or raise their own support whilst doing ministry. They may do so, as Paul does in Corinth and apparently in Thessalonike, but 1 Corinthians 9 rules out the view that they necessarily should or must do so..." ~ Link

21% of all self-professed Atheists in the US say that they believe in God. Steven Waldmen says, "What this means is that Atheism has become a cultural designation, rather than a theological statement. Some are likely declaring themselves atheists as a statement of hostility to organized religion, rather than to God. This might help explain polls showing rising numbers of Atheists." ~ Link

I think that it is just as likely that they simply don't know what they're talking about.

Our good friend Derwin Dy is now Derwin Dy, P.E. Party time! Congratulations!

More Brown Tree Snake woes on Guam -- apparently they are indirectly responsible for changing the configuration of the forested areas (no birds left to spread the seeds), according to University of Washington researchers. This poor island has suffered so much environmental abuse that it's amazing that it is as pleasant as it is. ~ Link

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