Friday, October 17


The fall issue of Theology News & Notes (Fuller Seminary) is built around the theme "Emerging churches within denominational structures." The whole thing is online ~ link

In that issue Eugene Cho has an article on "Quest and its relationship with the Evangelical Covenant Church" ~ link

I'm more concerned about the long-term impact of "citrus greening" than this month's banking crisis. The global destruction of citrus impacts the lives of millions around the world who rely on citrus agriculture for a living -- many -- most are poor. Citrus is a major inexpensive source of vitamin C in the developing world. And, I can deal with retirement in a hovel but it will be miserable without key lime pie.

The US military has transformed Guam into a "boomtown." We're in the middle of a $1.8 billion build-up -- just to keep the Chinese and North Koreans from becoming too aggressive. One of the current projects on Andersen Air Force Base is the $53 million Global Hawk hangar to house unmanned aircraft. ~ link

It appears that now everyone in the US is stuck with the new iGoogle format. However, I got the old iGoogle back by switching to UK English in the settings -- a temporary reprieve, I suspect. ~ link

US lifting tourist visa requirements for South Koreans! ~ link

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