Wednesday, October 22


The GOOD sheet on the economy is a nice little tool for developing a general perspective on things. ~ link

Leonid and Leanna Regheta are finding that it is getting more difficult to work in Russia. Like ourselves, the Reghetas are Covenant project missionaries. ~ link

Some of our senators seem miffed that the court-appointed landfill contractor has pulled together a deal which would make the US military a customer, lowering the cost for everyone involved. A private-sector court-appointed business has done in a few months what GovGuam has tripped over itself trying to do for years -- an amiable partnership with the military. ~ link

Microhomes becoming more popular. ~ link

Honey bees in danger of extinction? ~ link

Free resources for creating and hosting a website ~ link

CT has an article on the amazing and influential body of churches in the Twin Cities. ~ link

BYU has yanked the diploma of the creator of the shirtless Mormon missionary calendar -- who BTW, was also ex-communicated from the LDS church. ~ link

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