Wednesday, November 5


Why are people so surprised that a person of color could actually become president of the United States? I'm surprised that it hasn't happened sooner. The US has become a nation of color -- and they aren't all colors that fit into the familiar and comfortable definitions. The US is a palette in motion where colors are mixed and swirled -- creating new colors that will paint new pictures in a way that no one has yet been able to envision.

Observing the US election from Guam was a bit like having an out-of-body experience. You're sort'a there but not really connected -- just hovering -- watching what's happening in "real America" (as Kent calls it) unable to really feel the pulse -- except in an indirect way.

We've had some stiff but pleasant winds today. Have the winter trade winds arrived early on Guam? That would be a gift!

They were supposed to shut off the water to the territorial prison a few days ago because GovGuam hasn't been paying their GWA bill. However, the water is apparently still on because GWA couldn't find the shut off valve. At least that is how they were describing the situation on the radio today. OOG

I finally finished the annual report submitted to TRACS (PIBC's accrediting agency) and got it in the mail today. I worked on that sucker off and on for six weeks and am sure glad it's off my desk. Now I can get into the 5-year-renewal reports. Oh, joy!

I'm trying to hold off on buying gas -- thinking that we're due for another drop. Maybe a post-election present?

A 13-year-old Somali girl who had been raped was stoned by crowd enforcing Sharia law. ~ link

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