Friday, November 28


Video calling is changing the way that grandparents relate to their grandchildren -- and vice versa. No one is quite sure what the implications are. ~ link

WoolworthsWoolworths in the UK has gone into bankruptcy. ~ link

The prominent chain store is a spin-off of the US Woolworths five-and-dime stores. The stores disappeared from the American landscape in the 1980's and the US company morphed into Foot Locker, selling athletic shoes. There are Woolworths grocery stores in Australia and New Zealand ("Woolies") but they aren't related to the UK or American operations (their international cousin is Safeway).

I went for a walk through the Micronesia Mall this afternoon -- pretty packed-out with tourists and locals (only a few military-types). But I didn't see very many shopping bags -- mostly food court items -- and lots of relaxed happy-looking people. Of course, the day after Thanksgiving isn't "black Friday" on Guam. People here don't shop in the same crazy way they do in the States.

Keep an eye on us through the Micronesia Mall webcam -- now aimed at the giant Christmas tree and train. Christmas light show is at 6, 7, and 8 p.m. nightly. ~ link

Meanwhile, at Guam's other mall, they're ice skating. ~ link

The Swedes are trying to save an endangered specie of beetle in the country’s far north. On Guam we're trying to get rid of beetles because they're destroying palm trees. ~ link

It's official Guam is now designated as a "Health Professional Shortage Area" which means we can recruit foreign physicians and it allows stateside doctors to repay a portion of their medical education loans by serving as physicians here. This would be a great place to practice medicine. ~link

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Randall Friesen said...

Hey Brad

i think you should tell us when you are going shopping and when you'll be in the mall, then at the appointed time you can stand there and wave and smile like a happy tourist and we'll all watch you.