Friday, December 12

Random notes on Guam

Christmas tree Micro mall• KVOG AM 1530 (Guam's 4th AM station) -- which appears to still be broadcasting on a construction license is playing ALL CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

• The Japanese government is going to try to kick in another $1 billion dollars to pay for the relocation of US Marines from Okinawa to Guam. They seem anxious to make sure that the process stays on track while many in the US are speculating that the Obama administration may try to slow down the relocation. ~ link

• Thursday night's storm on Guam is now Tropical Storm Dolphin and is still picking up some steam in the Philippine Sea headed toward the Philippines. However, the forecast is that it will probably fizzle out before getting there. ~ link

• Guam's infrastructure is weak -- power can and does fail on normal days -- on a pretty regular basis. But during the storms last week they keep it all on -- progress worth mentioning.

enjoying ice cream• KB Toys is going under Stateside (perhaps because they were locked into a mall model of retailing during a time when younger buyers were avoiding malls). It's unclear what's going to happen to the Guam KB Toys, which is reported to be one of the chains most profitable stores (retailing on Guam is still mall-centered -- and there isn't much competition here). ~ link

• Last night we did our part to contribute to the local economy. We took our PIBC community group to the GPO mall for the snow show and then over to the Micronesia Mall for the big Christmas tree show (pictured above). Afterward we all invaded Coldstone Creamery for ice cream.

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