Thursday, December 4


AT&T is slashing 12,000 jobs but our #1 son Kirk accepted a job offer from them today. He's a linguist and will be working for "AT&T Interactive." This means a move from San Francisco to Glendale. ~ link

New! Ukulele Player Vol. 1. Free online. Don't miss Dave Gjessing's banjo-uke. ~ link

Workers unpacking imported Christmas trees at the local Cost-U-Less discovered that they had imported a snake as well. And, as you well know, imported snakes are kind of a sensitive issue on Guam. ~ link

First, they burned down the White House (before it was painted white to cover the charring), then, they became a haven for terrorists, and now they're sending us spam! Maybe, eh, ... ~ link

No one is really quite sure what happened, eh -- but did they just have some kind of coup in Canada? ~ link

Megachurch misinformation ~ link

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