Saturday, December 13


Did you know? 3.0 -- 2008 version

Florida seems to be leading the pack when it comes to online learning. ~ link

"ACLU Judges Nativity Scene as 'Non-Biblical,' Drops Lawsuit" ~ link (in case you have trouble discerning such things, the article is satire)

...Like evangelical churches around the country, the three churches have enjoyed steady growth over the last decade. But since September, pastors nationwide say they have seen such a burst of new interest that they find themselves contending with powerful conflicting emotions -- deep empathy and quiet excitement -- as they re-encounter an old piece of religious lore: Bad times are good for evangelical churches... ~ link
From the church bulletin this morning -- "Let All Moral Flesh Keep Silence" -- which is only slightly less amusing than when the organist played "There is a Bomb in Gilead."

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