Monday, December 15


Two major players in American journalism may soon no longer be daily papers. The Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News are floating the idea of becoming three day a week papers. ~ link

The transformation is happening faster than expected. "In a generation, minorities may be the US majority." IOW, the country will be mixed much like California is now. The amount of creative energy and opportunity that comes with this kind of change is incredible. ~ link (thx Eugene for pulling this out of the archives)

Robert "the younger" Sculler has resigned as senior pastor of the Crystal Cathedral. We could see that one coming. Perhaps we'll at least get another new congregation out of this. ~ link

The storm which created a stir on Guam last Thursday, and which the weather people predicted would fizzle out before hitting the Philippines, has actually picked-up steam and is now Typhoon Dolphin. ~ link

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