Wednesday, December 17

Take my class next semester!

I gave a final to the Spiritual Formation class this afternoon and turned in the course grades to the Registrar. Everyone passed the class.

Tomorrow the Christian Doctrine-3 students will do their final -- 46 multiple choice questions.

As this semester wraps up I can start to think some more about the spring semester, which starts on January 19th. I'll be teaching Evangelism & Discipleship -- MN 501 (Tuesday, 6:30-9 p.m.). As this class is a part of our new graduate level seminary program it is the first time we've offered it. So, I'm having to figure out what direction we're headed with it all.

It should be fun but as of today there is only one student enrolled. Anyone want to jump in? I think I need to recruit a few students to add to the critical mass. The more the merrier.

Here are the texts:
Ancient Future Evangelism by Robert Webber
The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George Hunter
The Great Omission by Dallas Willard
Outflow by Steve Sjogren and Dave Ping
True Story by James Choung
The Mission of God by Christopher Wright (just a few chapters)

These authors all bring something slightly unique to the table for discussion. So, it should be very interesting looking at Evangelism and Discipleship from several different angles. No canned outcomes here!

I'm planning some "field trips" and video. I'm light on lecture and heavier on discussion and interaction. Send me email if you'll be on Guam, already have a bachelor's degree, desire to figure out how the church engages the culture to make disciples, and you'd like more info.


theultrarev said...

I SO want in. Please can I sign up? Is there scholarship to cover travel costs? Can we make it an online course?

Linda said...

I would be there for the first two lectures. The rest well can I make it up to you somehow?