Tuesday, January 6


Fascinating story of a former atheist and university chemistry professor, now a believer and a Methodist pastor ~ link

Tooth regeneration in the pipeline --
It's a nuisance, but researchers are closing in on it. In fact, they think the tooth will probably be the first complex organ to be completely regenerated from stem cells. In part this is because teeth are easily accessible -- say ahhhhh. So are adult stem cells, found abundantly in both wisdom and baby teeth -- no embryos required, and your immune system won't reject your own cells.

Nobody is predicting when the first whole tooth will be grown in a human, although five to 10 years is a common guess...
~ link
Virtual Border Patrol -- catch smugglers from the comfort of your own home. ~ link

Even Toyota and Honda's US sales are in free-fall -- more so than their US competitors. However, they'll shoot up dramatically as soon as Americans sense that it's safe to buy again. (For better or worse, the economic slow down will not change deeply ingrained consumer habits.) People are so unsure that they're simply waiting to see what will happen before they stick their necks out to buy something big like a car. But they're there -- waiting in the wings for a sign. And the longer they have to wait the more they'll start seeing omens in every little positive tick. It's really just a matter of time. ~ link

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