Wednesday, January 14


• 600 people showed up for the first Sunday of the church launched through Facebook (and other internet channels). I want you to know that I'm a close friend of Shaun King -- along with 2,333 other people he friended on Facebook. ~ link

• Latest National Center for Health Statistics stats on births to unmarried mothers in the US -- whites: 26.6%; blacks: 70.7%; Hispanics: 49.9%; all races: 38.5% ~ link

• A disproportionate number of flights into Guam arrive in the middle of the night. If you're coming from the States and flying through Japan (which is often the cheapest route) you will arrive in the middle of the night!

I'm doing a 2 a.m. airport run in a few hours to pick up a couple of PIBC volunteers in transit to Yap. I'll do the same on Friday morning to pick up Larry Bock, one of our teachers. We all more or less take it in stride. Just don't look for me on campus first thing in the morning.

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