Monday, February 2


My little brother turns 50 today. Happy birthday, Greg! Watch out for groundhogs.

Kent should be in South Korea by now -- but we have not heard from him, yet. No worries.flight 1549

US Airways has bumped the Flight 1549 survivors up to super-elite status for a year. And if they mention that they are 1549 survivors the flight attendants have been instructed to give them each an extra bag of peanuts, too. ~ link

Ten virtues for theological students (Sarcasm is not necessarily one of them.) ~ link

I just got done chasing a gecko in the kitchen. He's still in there somewhere. At least he keeps the insect population down.

Journalist goes undercover at Walmart -- and seems to like what he saw. ~ link

Scientists have cloned an extinct mountain goat ~ link

Cheryl and I went to the Owens for the first half of the game. Then I took her to her part-time job. I went back to the condo and laid grout around the new tile, while watching the third and fourth quarters of the Super Bowl. So much productivity for a holiday.

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