Monday, February 9


Jennifer Figge, 56, has become the first woman to swim across the Atlantic. And it only took 73 days -- burning 8,000 calories a day. I think I need a goal like that -- something outrageous. ~ link

Fortunately, we had just finished cooking supper right before the power went out tonight. Fortunately, it came back after 10 or 15 minutes. That's the way it happens here. We don't have hours and hours of rolling blackouts that a lot of the other islands experience but just somewhat regular short pesky infrastructure malfunctions. Compared to many (most?) places in the world we are fortunate. Compared to what it could be or should dictionary

I used some of the Amazon commission money to pick up a copy of the Global Dictionary of TheologyGlobal Dictionary of Theology for the PIBC library. When it arrived I was so impressed that I got online and ordered another copy for myself! I had the same problem when I worked in bookstores. I ended up buying as many books as I sold. This one is worth it, though -- especially if you want to hear from some international voices as you think through theological issues. Perhaps every church library needs one.

I don't want to argue over the causes of climate change -- seems futile. But there are indicators that there could be a reshuffling of weeds -- which might be a good thing -- or devastating -- depending on where you live. There are just so many implications of climate. ~ link

Cooper Union, New York's tuition free college, has seen a 70% surge in applications for early decision this year. They accept about 8% of applicants. ~ link

Road rage -- even on Guam -- and unfortunately it involved a firefighter. Our fire department has had all kinds of "issues" recently. This just adds to the distrust and disrespect. ~ link

Two more "I love the Covenant" posts -- this time from John Frye and Scot McKnight. Eugene Cho had one last week. Lots of energy spills over from the Covenant Midwinter Conference into the blogosphere.

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