Monday, February 23


"Dr Joe" Aldrich, a man used by God in some wonderful ways, has died. ~ link

Walmart is hiring 300 workers for their new store in Maricopa, Arizona. I keep telling people that I'm going to get a part-time job as a Walmart greeter to help out once we get to Arizona. It will either be that or hopefully something else -- at least during the start-up phase of the church plant ~ link

Stealth B2When we were walking into the grocery store late yesterday afternoon we looked up and saw a lumbering Stealth B-2 bomber preparing to land at Andersen Air Force Base on the north end of Guam. I've seen them before but I never get used to them. They are the spookiest thing in the sky.

Brazen Nigerian scammers tried to wire $27 million out of Citibank. ~ link

Quiznos says they're going to give away a million free sub sandwiches. But there is a price for "free." They want your information. ~ link

In a really clever use of television/YouTube/blog the Jack in the Box people have been running a storyline this month putting Jack in a coma after being hit by a bus. They have a history of dramatic fun. In 1980 (or thereabouts) they blew Jack up on television -- only to resurrect their iconic figure a few years later.

Jacks is offering a coupon for two free tacos today as a gesture of support. I was tempted to jump on a plane for Hawaii (4,000 miles away, location of the nearest Jacks to us) so I could show my support. The really good news for West Coast Americans is that El Pollo Loco seems to be taking competitor's coupons these days.
~ link

Americans are cashing in their gold jewelry. They're even having "gold parties" in each others homes (think of flipping the Tupperware model around so the guests are the sellers). ~ link

Retirees are re-entering the US job market --
During past recessions, older workers simply would have retired rather than searching want ads and applying for jobs. But these days, with outstanding mortgages, bank loans and high medical bills, many of them can't afford to be out of work.

With jobs so scarce, people in their seventh and eighth decades are up against those half their age in a desperate scramble for work. ~ link
Some of the locals in Seal Cove, Newfoundland, went out onto the frozen bay to cut holes in the ice -- rescuing stranded dolphins. Nice story. ~ link

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