Wednesday, February 25


It sounds like things are deteriorating south of the border. Arizona students are being advised to not go to Mexico for spring break this year because of the increasing violence. Typically thousands of Arizona college students drive to Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) on the Sea of Cortés (Gulf of California), just a few hours drive south of Arizona, for a week of partying during spring break. ~ link (thx Sean!)

Concise interview with Dave Olson on why the American church is in crisis ~ link

Christianity Today has launched a new blog Imago Fidei -- "Each day, we'll update the blog with a photograph, painting, design, or sculpture that shows Christian life or expresses our faith." ~ link

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is laying off 10% of its staff -- 55 employees. ~ link

Contrary to pundit predictions about the internet swallowing TV, television viewing in the US is at an all-time high -- averaging just over 5 hours a day. All things considered I have a hard time believing this. I like television -- I enjoy watching a little -- I'm not at all anti-TV -- but there is just not 5 hours of programming a day that is worth watching. ~ link

Alisa Miller talks (4 minutes) about why Americans are so unaware of what is happening in the rest of the world (embarrassingly so sometimes). It's not that we're uninterested in what's happening out there. ~ link (thx)

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