Friday, February 27


UC Berkeley researchers have found that "children born in the high mold season, which generally encompasses the fall and winter months, have three times the odds of developing wheezing - often an early sign of asthma - by age 2 compared with those born at other times of the year." ~ link

Dan Johnson reflects on the mission conference that was attached to the Covenant Midwinter gathering. The emphasis was on the holistic nature of the church's mission. ~ link

Eric & Karyn have a slideshow of their Thai experience (they stayed a few days longer than we did and went several more places). ~ link

AP: "The new bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan is an ordained Zen Buddhist." ~ link

Phillip Tallon reviewing Scot McKnight's The Blue Parakeet: "On the one hand, McKnight makes biblical interpretation seem fun. On the other, he clearly shows that biblical interpretation is a messy process." Spot on. ~ link

...I learn that Ramesh and his wife are headed into Northern India soon to plant a new church. It dawns on me right then, in a humid coffee shop in Delhi, that true radicalism has horrible pay, it takes years to see its fruit, and it requires that quiet, under-the-radar kind of love for people that Christ gave his life for. God is not speaking more profoundly to the good-looking loud ones... ~ Mike Barrett
And now the Osteen Study Bible -- sort'a -- groan. ~ link

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