Wednesday, March 4


The Salvation Army in Kansas City is painting its red kettles green, hoping to cash in on St Patrick's Day parade to help the needy. Creative. ~ link

We got an asking price offer on our condo within 10 hours of putting our FSBO sign up @ 11pm last night. We have an appointment with the title company tomorrow afternoon to get the process rolling. Of course, a deal is never done until the money is in the bank but PTL for encouraging days.

Seth Godin has insightful advice on public speaking --
The two elements of a great presenter

1. Respect (from the audience)
2. Love (to the audience)

There are no doubt important evolutionary reasons why this is true, but in my experience, every great presenter earns the respect of the audience (through her appearance, reputation, posture, voice, slides, introduction, etc.) and captures the attention of the audience by sending them love. ~ more
Meluat has a vision for engaging Micronesians in mission -- and a good head on his shoulder to go with it. He is not the only one but he just put up a mission post on his blog so I'm mentioning him. The best thing that we Westerners can do is say, "Hey, listen to guys like Meluat!" and then step out of the way so they can run with the ball. ~ link

RG Lewis is asking whether there is "limited good" in the world. ~ link

Twitter has reached the tipping point. ~ link

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