Monday, March 16


• Carl Gutierrez has announced that he is running for governor again. No one on Guam is the least bit surprised. Frankly, if Guam is ever going to make the systemic changes to improve life here there needs to be someone who is totally new -- who has new eyes, is genuinely creativity, and has fewer family/social obligations. I'm guessing that there are some Chamorros currently living abroad, now in their 30s or 40s, who could return to Guam with a fresh perspective and turn things around. This place could really rock with some good leadership. ~ link

• Six good tips on how to win friends and become an influential Twitterer ~ link

• "Your account is not yet ready to be upgraded. Please check back shortly." Will do. No problem. I can wait -- especially now that I know that something is actually happening. (I've learned a lot about patience while living on Guam. If it were really all about me I'd think that God brought me here to teach me some more patience.)

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