Wednesday, March 25


"Many businesses that are in trouble are in trouble for a simple reason: they're the wrong size." -- Seth Godin. IOW, smaller companies might be more profitable. Can we carry this idea into the ecclesiastical setting and suggest that smaller-size churches might in some contexts be more fruitful? ~ link

Attn: Guam media -- You keep producing stories about moped accidents. However, MoPEDs by definition have PEDals. I have not seen a moped on Guam. There are bicycles (which a few insane people ride) and there are lots of pedal-free scooters, most of which go faster than mopeds. For the record, I am in favor of mandatory brain-buckets for both scooter and moped riders (should a real moped actually appear on Guam). ~ link

I unsubscribed from the White House Twitter feed. For the first two months we barely heard a tweet from those guys. But today they went hog wild and started posting every little boring move the President was making. I found the door out.

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Randall Friesen said...

huh, go figure.
i did the exact same thing with the White House Feed, on exactly the same day for exactly the same reason.

Great minds...