Monday, March 30


Christians talk a lot about "the gospel." What exactly constitutes "the gospel" -- biblically speaking? Scot McKnight is helping us ask the right questions. ~ link

I'm ready to go -- speaking @ the last LCG Lenten Service this Wednesday. Soup at 6 p.m., Holden Evening Prayer at 7 p.m.

Lutherans seem to be big on soup in Lent. Do any other groups do soup? It's actually quite amazing -- the majority of those in attendance on Sunday mornings shows up for the Wednesday night prayer meeting every week during Lent. Is this an unusually vibrant congregation or do others with mid-week prayer services during Lent experience similar levels of engagement?

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Rick said...

Kingwood Lutherans are the same way. What I find ironic is that the soup supper is supposedly a small fast - a simple and humble supper instead of a full meal. But we have 6-8 kinds of very rich soups plus bread and salad. It's quite a meal and I love it.