Sunday, April 5


Hershey's KissBlessed Palm Sunday to all!

Anthony McRoy deals with the question, was "Easter" really of pagan origins? ~ link

Yet one more reason to grab another piece of chocolate -- especially if you're mathematically challenged. ~ link

I'm thinking that there is probably going to be a renewed interest in Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" anti-missile program. And this time the rest of the world is going to be pushing the US to develop it.

I'm hoping that North Korea's latest round of shenanigans doesn't mess up our trip to Korea in a few weeks. We're actually scheduled to do the USO DMZ tour which brings you nearly face-to-face with the North Korean border guards.

Suddenly it is cool to be an econ major. Hmmm... I wonder why. Could it be that college students are still wanting to make a difference in the world? It's a good sign. But it's also swamping some of the programs. ~ link

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Rick said...

I know why. I saw the stylized B and I figured it out. If Jack gets a new trademark, so does Brad.