Sunday, April 12


JoyI recently discovered Kay Kindall's blog Joy to You. Kay is a painter (she is also my sister-in-law's mother) who is incredibly colorful. This is the piece that she put up this week. You really have to click on the image and view the full screen version to get a sense for the what she does. ~ link

"A new University of Denver study that suggests a couple's happiness takes a nosedive within a year after the birth of their first child. The 8-year study of more than 200 Denver-area couples found that those who had a child experienced an immediate dip in marital satisfaction." ~ link

I suppose it depends on which well we're drawing our "satisfaction" from for life. If we're so self-absorbed that children are seen as interruptions then, of course, life will be less than Mama Titas pizza -- satisfying.

The Swedes have recently really gotten into eating the Easter Bunny. ~ link

I don't know how they can afford to do it. Last evening we bought a u-bake, 3-topping, double-layer pizza ("the rock") from Mama Titas in Mangilao for $12.99. It's essentially two pizzas on top of each other (I was stuffed with two pieces). And they have one of the better pizzas on Guam.

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