Saturday, April 18


This is an unusually long list for a Saturday. It's been an interesting day -- lots of activity worthy of note.

Happy birthday to Gary -- my youngest brother -- who is still 40-something -- for another year.

The mangoes are ripe. Guamanians should expect shortages of dental floss in all the stores.

We listed our condo last evening and it's now available through MLS ~ link

Tomorrow is Pascha (Easter) for our Eastern Orthodox brothers and sisters. I'd love to join them for the celebration but at this point there are no EO congregations on Guam.

Our friend Miriam Notehelfer spoke at the Fuller Women’s Legacy Award Luncheon. Miriam was one of the first women to study at Fuller Theological Seminary. She earned a MRE degree in 1959. ~ link

New study: People with the biggest smiles in their high school yearbook pictures divorced less later on. It's interesting research but it sounds like a spurious correlation. I'd like to see a larger sampling. ~ link

You know the world has changed when the Wall Street Journal launches a social networking site. ~ link

Cold Stone Creamery experienced a double-digit sales spike after it added ice cream cupcakes to its menu in February. ~ link

The Mail has an informative story on Susan Boyle, the world's most popular woman this week. ~ link

The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna population could be wiped out three years from now. Good-bye sushi. ~ link

If I have adjusted my Skype settings so that I "Allow IMs only from people in my contact list" -- why do I occasionally get random IMs from people I don't know and prefer not to know?

CT has a story on Doug Wilson, the somewhat shrill voice from Moscow, Idaho. At one point Doug's family and I were a part of the same small bookstore ministry, which Elmer and Jean Hiebert started. I was working in the store in Tempe, Arizona and Doug was, I believe, helping at the store in Pullman, Washington. (It's all fuzzy -- lots of Wilsons in the operation back then -- 30+ years ago.) Subsequently he's developed a bit of a reputation. ~ link

Yes, you can grow calamansis on the mainland US. That's good news because I've become fond of them. Calamansi is the Filipino word for what Americans call calamondin -- a small tart citrus. ~ link

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