Wednesday, April 22


ecology flagJohn Tierney, writing in the NY Times, says, "The richer everyone gets, the greener the planet will be in the long run." What do you think? Is there anything to what he's saying? What I'm seeing as I travel about is that there is at least some correlation between poverty and environmental disaster zones. That's on one end of the spectrum. ~ link

I wish I could get Firefox and Chrome to open new tabs to my homepage rather than to the history/bookmark page. I don't always find that feature helpful. Suggestions?

We're flying to Seoul tomorrow morning -- arriving in the evening -- meeting up with Kent. Should be a fun weekend thanks to Frequent Flier miles. Korea is in our zone so it didn't really cost that many miles.

Preachin' Toddler -- cute for about 3 seconds -- troubling on so many levels thereafter ~ link (YT)

Purdue College of Technology is offering a two-year accelerated bachelor's degree targeted toward displaced auto and manufacturing workers. The program starts in June with the first graduates receiving their bachelor's degrees in organizational leadership and supervision (with a concentration in industrial technology) in spring 2011. I've heard of three-year accelerated programs but I don't know of any other schools with a two-year accelerated program. ~ link (via)

Cheryl noticed a real estate agent and client in the condo next door. So she invited them into ours. It turns out that they already had printed copies of our listing in hand so they were happy for the opportunity. So were we.

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Justin said...

The solution to your second bulletpoint isn't a technical problem, it's problem in how you approach it. :-) While you can't have a new tab open to your homepage, you can have your homepage open in a new tab. Just middle-click, or CTRL+click on the homepage icon. (If there's no home icon, turn it on in options)

There is no spoon. :-D