Monday, April 27

Suburban movements

The suburbs have been on my heart recently, too. We need to be developing some radical, new-approach, truly mission-driven congregations which embrace and challenge the suburbs. Here's a quote from Dave Gibbons:
...However in light of the emphasis on cities have we forgotten the importance of the burbs and the rural communities. Sure we give respect and homage to the small towns, villages and even large suburbs but the truth is the honest perception of these places to many of us is often secondary in importance to the big city lights and sounds. Because we are caught up in the consumerism of bigger and better (again big isn’t bad just overrated), we can negate the importance of the suburbs and rural places around our cities. In reflecting upon how we prioritize initiatives with our denominations and church movements perhaps we need to capture again the equal importance of creatively launching similar grassroot movements in our burbs and beyond. Rather than pining after those who minister in the city, take some courage in the place God has placed you in the burbs or in the places way outside our cities. ~ Dave Gibbons

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