Tuesday, May 26

More on the new quarter

Puerto Rico quarterThe new Guam quarter dollar coin has the words "Guahan I TanĂ³ ManChamorro" -- Chamorro for "Guam -- Land of the Chamorro". Ray Gibson was asking on the radio this morning if any other US coins have carried language that is not English or American Samoa quarterLatin? I can't think of any -- up to this point.

However, the new quarter recognizing American Samoa carries the Samoan phrase "Samoa Muamua le atua" ("In Samoa, God is first"). The quarter for Puerto Rico carries carry the Spanish phase "Isla del Encanto" ("the enchanted island").


Linda said...

Tell Ray,

I think they all have Latin E pluribus unim

Brad Boydston said...

Right -- but I suspect that these are the first US coins that carry a language other than English or Latin.