Tuesday, May 5


Kay Kindall pictureIn honor of Cinco de Mayo we put diced jalapeños in our omelet this evening. ¡Viva Benito Juárez! ¡Viva el Cinco de Mayo!

The picture above is one which Kay Kindall posted on Monday. I really like the way that she pulls the color to the surface. ~ link

Warped -- truly warped -- "A county in central China has ordered officials to smoke nearly a quarter of a million packs of cigarettes ever year in the hopes of raising tax revenues." ~ link

Bill Easum -- "Pastoral care is out the window." I am in general agreement with Bill. But part of leadership is modeling what people need to be doing. The challenge is to do that without creating sole-dependency on the pastor. One problem is that many pastors depend on being that needed. ~ link

We had our last Evangelism & Discipleship class session today -- met at a restaurant over lunch to discuss each student's final project. All I need now is one student's paper and we can turn the grades into the Registrar.

This must be a mac & cheese cycle -- Kraft Foods profits up 10% ~ link

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