Wednesday, May 6


New water snake generates electricity ~ link

I went into Footlocker looking for flip-flops and left with three pairs of Birkenstocks -- $30/pair on sale. Birks are my favorite for comfort but I haven't bought any for several years because they've become so pricey. But now the German tourist look is back into my life!
Guam trucks
You just never know what you'll see on a Guam road.

Alec Garrard has been working on a 1:100-scale model of Herod's Temple for 30 years ago. ~ Pictures

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is now offering a PhD in North American Missiology ~ link

Arizona may get a fourth state university. This one would be an instructional institution -- more along the lines of the CalState schools. Arizona State University (my alma mater) and the University of Arizona are both research oriented -- U of A perhaps most so. Northern Arizona University is more instructional but still has a strong research streak. ~ link

The memorial service for our friend Kathy Newell will be at 7 p.m., Friday, at the Lutheran Church of Guam. We're all still kind of numb on this whole thing -- but grateful for her life and her love for Christ and people in the developing corners of the world. ~ PDN story

I saw my first Nissan Cube today. Impressive. ~ link

It looks like there is even a EV Cube prototype. ~ link

The US leads the world in incarcerations. Is it that we're just that much more efficient at catching the crooks? I don't think so. ~ link

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