Sunday, May 10


Cheryl @ Ritidian ReefCheryl's Mother's Day dinner was Subway at Ritidian Beach on the north end of the island. The tide was too low to snorkel so we walked out to the reef. There was a great view of Rota, the next closest island, about 40 miles north of Guam.

One of the great missionary laments is that so much of what we do unintentionally serves to enable and reinforce the dysfunctional aspects of the cultures in which we work. All cultures (including the various Western cultures) attempt to usurp the Gospel for their own purposes. And sometimes culture, which is such a powerful force, can be extremely successful at twisting what has been handed to it, maximizing its own agenda.

Will Willimon's powerful word to new seminary graduates -- and those who are trying to understand them. ~ link

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Bill Kinnon said...

I love Willimon's post. I've sent it to my dear wife who receives her M.TS tomorrow from the University of Toronto's Wycliffe College.