Monday, May 18


Dave Owen took this picture of Cheryl and me last week at the PIBC end-of-the-year lunch (what a lovely couple!). I'm holding the Guam gecko that we received from the school (and which we'll cherish forever.) Cheryl is wearing her new Chinese necklace. ~ link

One of the many things I like about the NLT Bible is that Tyndale is not afraid to update it as they figure out ways to say things more accurately and clearly. I came across a chart the other day which shows the tweaks between the 2004 and the 2007 versions. They're both considered "2nd editions." ~ link (.pdf)

Brad Martinson responded to my post yesterday with a suggestion about ordering dollar coins direct ship from the US Mint. That's a great option, of which I was totally unaware. And once we get back to the States I may definitely do that. Thanks! ~ link

I did go to another First Hawaiian Bank today and had a "teller-in-training" who didn't miss a beat when I asked to buy two rolls of dollar coins. He pulled them from the drawer and said, "$50 please." No hassle. No funny looks. I can see that he'll soon be in management.

Recession resistant products: running shoes, wine, gold coins, Spam... ~ link

The accreditation team has been busy with us today -- lots of interviews and questions. It's been good.

Someone was asking today about how we handle issues related to baptism in the Covenant and I was happy to send a link to some good resources. ~ link

The average sales price of a home in Detroit is now $11,533. No, not monthly mortgage payment but average price to buy a home. Of course, jobs are scarce and the infrastructure is crumbling because the tax-base is deteriorating but the houses and property are a steal. ~ link

Even missionaries get sucked into fads. ~ link

Michael Hyatt: "Our interaction with the Web has shaped what we expect from our leaders... Leadership 2.0" ~ link

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