Saturday, May 23


We had to say good-bye to Mei today. She is off to China for a few weeks to visit family and we expect to be back in the States by the time she returns to Guam. Mei has been one of my favorite PIBC students --lots of enthusiasm for learning, lots of questions, lots of self-discipline -- the kinds of things that teachers look for in students. She and several other students have also become good friends to us and we know that we will miss them. But we fully expect to have many visitors once we get situated in our new place.

The fish which tried to take a bite out of Cheryl and then me yesterday morning has been identified as a Picasso Triggerfish. I suspect that since the tide was so low we were perceived as being too close to its nest -- even though we were surface snorkeling. I still have teeth marks on my leg.

Michael Spencer has a review of Soong-Chan Rah's The Next Evangelicalism that is worth a look. ~ link

Quotable: "Christians don't like other Christians who sin differently from them." ~ Phil Cooke

...Instead, the churches that have influence within our online culture look at ministry differently. They assume the people they’re trying to reach are online. They assume the people who are connected to their ministry are online. Rather than looking at the Web as an add-on, they consider their web strategy as a fully-integrated part of how they help people take steps toward Christ. They are a church online as much as they are a church in a building located on the corner of First and Main. ~ Tony Morgan
Susan Boyle has gone on to the next round. ~ link

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