Friday, May 29


Review of the Nissan Cube ~ link

"Multiracial Americans have become the fastest growing demographic group, wielding an impact on minority growth that challenges traditional notions of race..." This trend really does a grass-roots end-run around race-based politics and thinking. ~ link

Congratulations to our friend and PIBC colleague Hollie Schaub who was just awarded an MA in Intercultural Studies from Biola. Her research involved documenting the cultural shift that is taking place among younger Micronesians. You can't escape from the tsunami of globalization -- even the remotest islands (and we are talking REMOTE) are affected. ~ link

We slept uninterrupted last night -- no malfunctioning fire alarm.

Sweden has been attracting a growing number of PhD students. ~ link

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Unknown said...

At Erika's international missionary school here in Tokyo the kids with parents who are from two different countries make up more than half the student population.