Sunday, May 31


Some of our students have had no computer experience prior to PIBC. Then they panic when we require them to type their papers. They're not alone! There are lots of people who could benefit from the free online typing tutor. ~ link

The fact is that murder is never a pro-life value. Not only is it illogical it is also totally inconsistent with following Jesus. We decry all forms of murder whether it involves abortion or abortionists. There is no justice in murder. ~ link

Fort Hays State University runs a quality online program. StraighterLine runs a quality for-profit program. I don't see why it's such an issue if Fort Hays contracts with StraighterLine to teach some of their courses for them. Instead of hiring a teacher they're hiring a company. We (trying to be creative with our limited local options) have actually had some discussion with StraighterLine about providing general education classes for our PIBC students. My only concern is that their level of rigor is above that of PIBC and that many of our students as English-as-second-language learners might need to work more slowly than typical American college students. ~ link

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