Wednesday, June 3


Transition Update -- condo is now C-L-E-A-N, escrow papers are signed, container cleared Guam Customs, Matson picks container up at 9 a.m. tomorrow, we give up keys once the deed is recorded tomorrow and the money is transferred to our account.

After cleaning out the rest of the condo Cheryl and I did lunch at the Heiden Japanese Restaurant (former Wendy's Restaurant building in Yigo). Great buffet. It's probably good that I didn't discover it until just before our departure. It could become addicting.

Make sure that you vote for America's best public restroom before July 31st. Isn't the internet grand? ~ link

20 years ago today. The world still remembers the June 4th Tien-an-men massacre.

The American Confederates Bible -- John Frye's answer to the Patriot's Bible ~ link

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