Wednesday, June 10


We hit the ground running and spent some time scoping out ministry opportunities in the area (more of that tomorrow). In the late afternoon we hung out with my parents. This evening I've been scrolling through the 1,000+ blog posts that have accumulated these past 3 or 4 days in Google Reader. So far no jet lag. The Phoenix weather is a comfortable 94°/20% humidity/no sweat.

Walmart opened a new type of grocery store in Phoenix today -- an experiment specifically targeting the Hispanic consumer. ~ link

The Republic of Palau "has agreed to a US request to temporarily resettle up to 17 Chinese Muslims" who had been housed at the Guantanamo Bay detention center on Cuba. Interesting -- especially because there is a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment in Palau right now. The small island state is not too far from Indonesia and many Paluans are very concerned about Muslim influence. ~ link

And now -- Schuller's daughter is in charge? ~ link

Drama on Guam today -- emergency landing after a cockpit window catches fire ~ link

Now that we're gone, a Google map of Guam is starting to take shape. The island is a hard place to get lost. But it's also a hard place to find your way around. ~ link

I just discovered a quirk in the blogger publishing system. When I updated my time zone in their system it went back and re-dated all of my previous posts according to the date in this time zone. (No big deal if you're just dealing with a few time zones of difference but if you've been blogging from the other side of the international date line it really screws things up.) I've adjusted a few manually but mostly I'll probably just leave things as they are. Sigh.

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